Chin State

Chin State is located in the western part of Myanmar bordering with India. A mountainous region, where the hills are higher than in Shan hills. Chin is one of the national races of Myanmar. Chin has several minorities and differs as Northern Chin and Southern Chin.Chin hill is an interesting tourist site because of its adventurous journey and Mount Victoria, 3053 meter high at the southern part. There are two access routes by road to Mount Victoria. The first route is to cross the Ayeyarwaddy River by Z craft and proceed to Mindat along Kanma, Pauk, Kyaukhtu road, which distance is 92 miles.The second route is Bagan, Chauk, Saw, Kanpetlet – 97 miles.As the roads are not all weather-roads the best time to visit Mount Victoria is November to March. Both Mindat and Kanpetlet is the base of Mount Victoria and have facilities for accommodation. Besides mountaineering this is the best place for hiking to nearby villages to see the village life and bird watching. There still can be seen Chin ladies with tattooed face. The true heart of Traditional Chin Culture is found in the South – Paletwa, just over the state line from the Rakhaing State. It can be reached via boat along the Kaladan River from Sittwe or Kyauktaw. A new road between Mahamuni and Paletwa will also allow vehicles to travel direct from Mrauk-U. In the Chin Hills some women still tattoo their faces, though it’s a custom that is fading fast. At higher elevations they wear thick striped cotton blankets, draped over the body, and ornaments of copper and bronze.