One of the native fruit of Asia and especially of South East Asia, Mango fruit become part of the culture of most countries, Myanmar is one of them. When the rainy season start in Myanmar, Mango season is not over yet, still available fruits in either green or ripe shape. Generally mangoes are sweet taste and soft texture, plus it can give many beneficial vitamins for human body needs. There are over 400 varieties of Mango in the world and Myanmar have more than hundred different species with varieties of taste, color and shape. Here is a few name of famous Myanmar Mango – Ma Chit Su, Sine, Thone Lone Tit Htaung, Sein Ta Lone, My Kyauk, Yin Kwal, Sugar Mango, and etc.The Sein Ta Lone Mango from Myanmar, also known as the diamond solitaire mango, is one of the many mango varieties available in Myanmar. Many have regarded it as the best mango in Myanmar, comparing it with the best mangoes in the world because of its delightful aroma, sweetness, juiciness and non-fibrous nature. Everything you love about mangoes is found in the Sein Ta Lone. As the season is only 2 months short and will end in June, don’t miss out on your chance to taste the Myanmar Sein Ta Lone mango and fall in love with mangoes again.