We would like to introduce you a really nice hotel, the Hpa An Lodge hotel in Hpa An,
Karen State. It is about 15minutes drive from Hpa An, near Mount Zwegabin, on the road to Myawaddy.The resort is really beautiful, in a breathtaking nature outside from Hpa-An.
Friendly staff with great service. Clean and nicely decorated, with wood theme all around.
The room/ bungalow are big, high ceiling, with a big nice bathroom and a fantastic lounge on the veranda of each bungalow. The beautiful view of Mount Zwegabin from the small swimming pool is really relaxing. There are 19 rooms including- Myanmar’s first Dome/Tent concept, Sky Dome.But only one tent as seen in the picture. Need to book well in advance for this tent, which costUS$ 150/night. Other cottage room rates are US$ 80 for week days and US$ 100 for week-ends for double rooms.These are monsoon season rates and normal room rates will apply in open season.Contact Asia Blossom Travels & Tours for bookings and information.