Nat MaTaung also known as Victoria Taung and KhawnusoneTaung is about 10200 feet above sea level and situated in Kanpetlet Township-Southern Chin State. Kanpetle town is a beautiful hilly town covered by the mistand about 4000 feet above sea level.
On the opposite bank of Chauk is Seikphyu and Saw towns in Magwe Division, after those towns is Kanpetlet in Chin State. It can be reached from Chauk and about 3 hours’ drive from Bagan.Climbing uphill early in the morning to NatmaTaung from Kanpetlet, the visitors will come into a sea of clouds so breathtaking that make you feel like you are in a new world. En route, the visitors will pass through lush green forest full of aged pine trees, Rhododendrons in white and red colors – the scenery is really captivating. Near NatmaTaung there are ethnic Chin villages, where one can observe their daily living styles and their culture. Most of the elderly females have tattoos called ‘Pa-yel’ on their faces. One will be hosted by the villagers with local sweetish brew and local ‘Mithun’ beef.
The hospitality and beautiful ethnic Chin people of NatmaTaung will be indelible in one’s memory.
We recommend NatmaTaung to be in your vacation list of places to visit.All comments and experiences from those who have visited this lovely place are welcome.